Why Keystone Steel & Wire?

Keystone Steel and Wire

Process Control

Quality products begin with quality steel. Keystone maintains total control over every step of steel and wire production, from the processing of scrap metal through final packaging. Our capabilities enable KSW to produce the finest American-made steel possible, and then process it to match the most stringent customer specifications. In fact, our internal standards routinely exceed AISI and ASTM standards. Keystone’s ability to monitor the process from beginning to end provides a high degree of predictability and consistent quality.

Keystone Steel and Wire


Keystone’s flexibility allows for the production of customized grades of steel to meet individual customer needs quickly and efficiently. KSW has over 20 steel grades that are classified as 1008 steel. We work closely with our customers to help control inventory lead times while meeting exacting specifications for every pound of steel created.

Keystone Steel and WireKeystone Steel and Wire

Ideally Located

KSW is strategically located, making it possible to ship by truck, rail or barge. This advantage means we can reach our customers by the most time and cost efficient mode of transportation regardless of destination.


Billet - Keystone Steel and Wire

Keystone’s continuous billet caster uses state-of-the-art clean steel practices, yielding consistent, high-quality steel billets. Our large production capacity enables us to meet the volume demands of all our customers.

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Rod - Keystone Steel and Wire

Keystone’s Rod Mill facility features a Morgan® No-Twist finishing mill for consistent rod quality. Retarded cooling provides system flexibility to meet a variety of end product specifications. Rods are available for mechanical descaling or chemical cleaning.

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Rebar - Keystone Steel and Wire

Keystone rebar products are produced with the same quality and consistency you’ve come to expect in Keystone steel. Our integrated steel mill allows us continuous control from beginning to end, enabling KSW to produce the finest rebar products possible.

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Industrial Wire - Keystone Steel and Wire

With 22 different drawing machines available for customer specifications, Keystone’s extensive wire drawing capabilities make KSW a leader in the wire industry, with each product produced in accordance with applicable ASTM standards.

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Ag Fence - Keystone Steel and Wire

The only ag fence completely made in the U.S. from start to finish, Red Brand’s use of high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship have earned KSW-manufactured Red Brand the reputation of ‘the most respected name in farm fence.’

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